figshare: Features Roadmap

You will notice new features available to use on in the coming months. These features are improvements to the functionality of and will not interrupt your experience of the service, but will enhance it.

Mid May 2015

Data visualisation inbrowser is integral part of the figshare experience and enables uploaded data to be displayed in a browser instantly. All core file types will be supported from Mid May, with an ongoing mission to visualise as many different popular and obscure files types as we can.

End of May 2015

Collections allow a user to make a bundled together group of many figshare articles that have their own landing page and their own DOI for the collection as a whole, making it a citable research output in its own right. The collections feature will be available at this time.

End of June 2015

Projects are collaborative spaces that allow researchers to work privately and publicly on files and articles with other researchers. Researchers can make notes and comments and then, when ready and if appropriate, publish the project to its own space. The projects feature will be available at this time.

End of July 2015

Generate private link

This feature will allow users to allow generate a unique link that will allow anyone with or without a figshare account to view and download any private article the user chooses to share. This link can be rescinded at any point. The private preview this links to will not have any authors displayed, making this perfect for peer review.

Preview page accessible

Private link page accessible

These two features are directly connected to the above. The "Preview page" allows the user to get a feel for how their public article will look for any private articles in their "My Data".

Edit Public profile page

Whilst a basic profile page is created for the researcher the first time they make an article public, this will enable the researcher to customise their page with additional information and photos.

End of August

Request quota workflow

This feature will allow users to directly request:

  • Increases in individual quota
  • Increases in institutional projects
  • Increases in group quota

This will send a request directly to the appropriate administrator via the notifications system outlined below.

Activity Page/Notifications

This feature will show a feed of recent activities from their figshare account, from projects to comments on articles. This will also facilitate the above, alongside in-app messages. For administrators, the activity page will also show alert type notifications around various things such as quota levels being reached etc.

Email Notification settings

This page will allow users to customise what emails they receive from figshare with regards to various events occurring. This could be a new comment on an article or a warning when an embargo is about to go live.

End of September 2015

Github integration

This will allow users to synch their Github accounts to figshare to directly import their repos into their accounts and manage versions.

Actions on my data (move, batch etc)

This allows the user to perform a variety of functions across multiple items in their "My Data", reducing the need to work article by article. It will also allow for some new functionality when working with projects to ease the movement of private articles.

Collection creation in GUI

This feature will remove the need to use the API to create collections, allowing the user to work directly within the figshare interface.

End of October 2015

Link accounts

Context switching

These two features are connected and will be launched in preparation for the codebase merge in November. This will allow a user to link multiple institutional and personal figshare accounts under one public-facing identity that will group their research outputs together. It will also allow for quick changing between accounts.

End of November 2015

Code base merge with

Whilst not strictly a feature, this important change means your institution's data will live on the wider ecosystem, allow you to collaborate with users and allow researchers to merge any existing accounts with their figshare for institutions account.

End of December 2015

Curation workflow

This feature will allow for a gated publication workflow should it be required, meaning administrators can approve research outputs before appearing on their institutional portal.

Mobile optimisation

A mobile version of the figshare experience, allowing for easy browsing and use on smaller screens. As a note, the initial implementation will still work on any size screen.


When appropriate rights have been granted or are in place, this feature will allow a user to "act as" another user to enable them to upload and publish as if it was the user themselves.